CLiCK, Inc.

EXCITING NEWS!! CONSTRUCTION IS FINISHED!  THANKS TO ALL WHO HELPED BY GIVING MONEY, TIME OR BOTH! We have received our certificate of occupancy and are working on meeting the requirements of the health department.  If you are interested in becoming a CLiCK member so you can rent kitchen space, or if you have questions about rates, times, dates please call our General Manager Maraiah Popeleski at (860) 455-8395 or email her at

CLiCK is located at 41 Club Rd, Windham CT


Baking kitchen looking into the processing kitchen



Entrance into the two rental kitchens


MORE GOOD NEWS!  CLiCK  received funding from the Jeffery P. Ossen Foundation for the creation of the CLiCK Teaching and Demonstration Kitchen.  Construction on this kitchen will begin in the next month or two.

Anyone interested in using this kitchen to give classes or if you are interested in using this side of the building for other types of classes (yoga, ESL, computers..etc) or to rent it for events (music, lectures, health education ..etc) you should again get in touch with the General Manager to learn about CLiCK membership and rental rates.


Read more about CLiCK here.

 In the Spring CLiCK planted a 32 tree orchard and ten blueberry bushes all donated by Pride’s Corner and we have even had our first fruit tree harvest.  We have put in wood chip paths and invite the community to come and see the apples, peaches, plums and cherries grown! We have also gotten two bee hives and made two model vegetable boxes and have built a labyrinth that is in the back for those seeking a peaceful place.
tina in orchard

Tina in CLiCK’s Orchard picking cherries!

CLiCK Labyrinth


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