Our Board

Our Board members bring a variety of interests and knowledge to the table.
We are currently seeking new members. Email if you have an interest. We would love to talk to you.

Phoebe Godfrey – President
Dr. Godfrey is a professor of Sociology at UCONN and teaches course on food, climate change, sustainability and social justice.  She is also an artist and writes for Neighbors Paper.  She lives in Willimantic with her wife Tina.

Tina Shirshac  – Secretary
Tina is the co-founder of CLiCK. She is the practice manager at John Furlong’s Naturopathic office.  She is also a reiki practitioner with a private practice, The Grounding Tree and a resident of Willimantic.

Hedley Freake – Director
Dr. Freake is a Professor of Nutrition at UCONN.  He teaches a wide range of courses on nutrition  and seeks to get students involved with CLiCK.

Peter Fish – Director
Peter owns Thread City Builders and is a resident of Willimantic.

Stephanie Smith – Director
Stephanie is a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice since 2002. She resides in Willimantic. 

Dianne Sprague - Director
Dianne is a project manager at WAIM (Windham Area Interfaith Ministry) and a volunteer at GROW Windham.

Kim Silcox – Director
Kim is the Director of Center for Community Engagement at Eastern Connecticut State University.

Doug Crane - Director

Rita Kornblum - Director

Our full Board currently meets the second Tuesday evening at 7pm at 41 Club Rd, Windham, CT.
If you are interested in potentially joining us please let us know ahead of time. You can email clickwillimantic@gmail.com

We have sub-committees that meet at various times.
These committees consist of:
Grant Committee
Fundraising Committee
Building Committee
Marketing Committee

If you have a passion and want to be on a committee, you do not have to be a Board member to be of assistance.
If anyone has an interest in joining any of these four or another that has not been created yet,
please give CLiCK a call at 860.786.7907

You can also send an email to clickwillimantic@gmail.com.
or find us on Facebook.

Contact our General Manager, Rachael LaPorte for further information.
She can be reached directly at 860.786.7907 or by email at: rachael.clickwillimantic@gmail.com