Overview of Facilities and Current Members

Facility List

Food Processing Spaces (Kitchens)

  • Full Kitchen
  • Bakery
  • Finishing Room

Storage Spaces

  • Freezer
  • ​Walk-In Refridgerator
  • ​Dry Storage

Community / Event Spaces

  • Teaching Kitchen
  • Community Space
  • Garden & Orchard
  • ​Labyrinth


List of current members 

  • Dragons Blood Elixir- Specialty Hot sauce
  • Simply Fresh Solutions- Gourmet Pre-prepared meals to go
  • Maras Bake Shop- Baked Goods
  • Oh My Biscuit! - Baked Goods
  • Gluten Free Sweet Desserts- Gluten Free Desserts
  • Endlessly Delicious Catering- Baked Goods
  • Super Baked- Thai Cuisine
  • Archy’s Wingz and Thingz- Wing Food Truck
  • I Made It- Food Truck
  • Mystical Concessions- Concession Booth
  • Roy’s Food Service- Food Cart
  • Live on Calm-bucha- Kombucha
  • Go Sauce- Hot Sauce
  • Big Baby’s Pop Shop- Gourmet Popsicles
  • GROW Windham- Sofrito