CLiCK (Commercially Licensed Co-operative Kitchen) is a 501c3 non-profit run on co-operative values, serving the needs of the  community through its commitment to a locally-based, sustainable, and healthy food system.

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Member Spotlight

Rachael LaPorte

Azuluna Foods

Rachael LaPorte

Rachael LaPorte was raised on a self-sustaining family farm in Lebanon, Connecticut. “I grew up on a kitchen counter. No matter the season, we were making stew, canning and preserving. This was our family time,” she says. With these early influences, Rachael decided to pursue a culinary career, and graduated cum laude from Johnson and Wales University. After graduation, Rachael took time to travel the world, affording her the opportunity to work under many chefs with a variety of culinary expertise. Returning to Connecticut, she earned a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Saint Joseph.

Rachael began to struggle with her own health and began a weight loss journey. She developed both a knowledge and a passion for healthy eating and wellness. The result? Rachael lost over 100 pounds! Rachael’s same eating principles are what fuel Azuluna Foods today and empower others with the tools to meet their own personal health goals!

Maria Los Angeles

Angeles Mexican Food

Maria Los Angeles

Maria Los Angeles is a successful entrepreneur who went from cooking in her home kitchen to preparing food to over 1,000 people a week and preparing authentic Mexican cuisine for the local schools as well as teaching classes at CLiCK.

Angeles Mexican Food features authentic Mexican catering based in Willimantic, Connecticut. Maria has 14 years of experience making everything by hand, even her tortillas and mole sauce. All of the ingredients come from Mexico or are grown right here in Willimantic. They offer catering for any sized groups. You can personalize your own order to your liking, including vegetarian options!

Doug Crane

Dragon's Blood Elixir

Doug Crane

Doug has been a hot sauce master for over 15 years and produces local artisan sauces using our community garden and products from over 10 local farms. This is Doug. He's the Master Alchemist. The Supreme Sauce Sommelier. The Chief Chef. He makes the sauce and runs the whole operation.

In the '80s, Doug was a travelling chef for touring metal bands. In the '90s, Doug was the head chef of a private intermediate school. In 2009, Doug started Dragon's Blood Elixir.

Doug's sauces are always honest; he never uses extracts or guar gum. Doug's sauces use local ingredients. We're talking seriously local…bring him a box of peppers from your backyard garden, and he'll make a sauce out of it for you.

Emily Puckett

Puckett's Pantry

Emily Puckett

Puckett's Pantry offers low-carb, ready-to-eat food in glass jars, made at the CLiCK Willimantic shared commercial kitchen. Although not originally from Connecticut, Emily Puckett is hoping to stay here forever in her 200 year old farm house in Storrs. She has found great success at managing her weight, IBS, and ADD through a low-carb, ketogenic diet.

When she started cooking ketogenic food for her mother, who suffers from the same ailments along with arthritis, she embraced the challenge of finding foods that would satisfy a die-hard foodie. Eventually Puckett’s Pantry was born, offering low-carb, ready-to-eat food in glass jars that you can easily take with you on your next adventure or just your next lunch!






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