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Muralismo Revolutionario Art Sessions

Sketches of revolutionary muralism JOIN ARTIST IN RESIDENCY ALEJANDRO DE LA GUERRA IN DAY OF ART! www.alejandrodelaguerra.com Revolutionary Muralism Sketches on Revolutionary Muralism is a day of art divided into two art sessions, where we will discuss concepts and aesthetics of Latin American revolutionary muralism, through drawing and sketches made with various artistic techniques, creativity and critical thinking will be stimulated with the goal of abstracting some axes of interest in the diverse community of Willimantic to later capture it […]

A Peek at Our Cookbook

Raw Beet Pesto by Phoebe Godfrey, Willimantic This recipe is from Phoebe’s brother, Alexander, who lives in Israel. He made it while

Kitchen Member Updates

Our kitchen members never seem to sleep, working tirelessly to grow and develop their small businesses and create the building blocks of a local food economy. Recent highlights include Zola Cuisine moving into the shelf-stable market, Live On Calm-bucha earning fans at the Coventry Farmers Market, Pomfret Chocolates expanding their line to include chocolate-covered pretzels and cookies, Healthy Farm Eating debuting a live cooking show on Facebook (Tuesday mornings at 9:30 am), and Dragon’s Blood Elixir making waves at the […]

Connecticut sees one of largest increases in farmers | from NewsTimes, by Katrina Koerting

“More people are deciding to start a farm in Connecticut, a trend seldom seen around the country. Connecticut had a 15 percent increase in beginning farmers between the two most recent agricultural censuses — second only to Rhode Island which had a 27.2 percent growth. Only eight states recorded increases in this percentage during that time…”

Teaching Kitchen Renovation

Spring is in the air, and change is afoot in our Teaching Kitchen! A grant from the USDA and generous volunteer support from UConn

A History of ‘Women’s Work’ | from Successful Farming, by Lisa Prater

“When Audra Mulkern (pictured here) left her job with Microsoft in Seattle, Washington, in 1999, she had no idea that her life would change focus so dramatically. What began as the simple question “Who is growing my food?” turned into an exploration into the history of women in agriculture and the eventual development of the Female Farmer Project…”

Community/Comunidad Leaders Award Forum

On May 10th, the GrowWindham Youth CORE organized and hosted the first annual Community/Comunidad Leaders Award

Waking Up Those Garden Beds

CLiCK’s community garden beds are once again open for the season! Are you interested in getting your hands dirty?

A Night to Remember

We’re still reminiscing about last December’s Big Jump fundraiser at the beautiful Bellingham auditorium atop Windham Town Hall

CLiCK Receives Jeffrey P. Ossen Grant!

We are excited to announce that we have been awarded funds from the Jeffrey P. Ossen Foundation to fund a new position

TED: How farming could employ Africa’s young workforce — and help build peace | Kola Masha

Africa’s youth is coming of age rapidly, but job growth on the continent isn’t keeping up. The result: financial insecurity and, in some cases, a turn towards insurgent groups. In a passionate talk, agricultural entrepreneur Kola Masha details his plan to bring leadership and investment to small farmers in Africa — and employ a rising generation. Check out more TED Talks: http://www.ted.com The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world’s leading […]