Social Justice & Education

Social Justice & Education

CLiCK’s role as a business incubator supports community economic development, opening up opportunities to low income and minority entrepreneurs who lack capital, while reducing the risks and investments of starting a small business.

Situated in Windham County, the poorest county in Connecticut based on per capita income, and located next to the town center of Willimantic, the third poorest town in Connecticut (US Census 2010), CLiCK seeks to serve the economic needs of a culturally diverse yet impoverished community by enabling entrepreneurs of limited means to begin food businesses, including food trucks and food carts, with minimal start-up costs.

CLiCK is committed both to the promotion of sustainability (by enabling local food processing and product development) and social justice (by addressing structural inequalities) in ways that are unique and vital to the social and environmental health of our community and, ultimately, society.”

CLiCK seeks to support entrepreneurs through the whole learning process, from starting a new food business to ultimately running a successful one. Given CLiCK’s co-operative values, new entrepreneurs gain community support from CLiCK’s General Manager as well as from a collection of small business experts and from other entrepreneurs.

This commitment to collaboration is an essential part of the CLiCK experience. We believe in the true meaning of education, originating from the Latin word ‘educare’, which means to nourish, to rear, to bring up. CLiCK’s commitment is to nourish the entrepreneurial dreams of our members, nourish the minds and bodies of our community, and nourish the lands on which our local food system relies.