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The Long Journey of the Aleppo Pepper | from The New York Times, by Tom Verde

“Early in the seven-year-old Syrian civil war, American imports of Syria’s signature dried, ground Aleppo chiles dropped drastically. The spice-trading city of the same name, where the fresh pepper was traditionally grown and processed, has been devastated in the fighting, which has destroyed lives and livelihoods. The conflict has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths in Syria, and displaced millions of people both inside and outside the country…”

Connecticut sees one of largest increases in farmers | from NewsTimes, by Katrina Koerting

“More people are deciding to start a farm in Connecticut, a trend seldom seen around the country. Connecticut had a 15 percent increase in beginning farmers between the two most recent agricultural censuses — second only to Rhode Island which had a 27.2 percent growth. Only eight states recorded increases in this percentage during that time…”

A History of ‘Women’s Work’ | from Successful Farming, by Lisa Prater

“When Audra Mulkern (pictured here) left her job with Microsoft in Seattle, Washington, in 1999, she had no idea that her life would change focus so dramatically. What began as the simple question “Who is growing my food?” turned into an exploration into the history of women in agriculture and the eventual development of the Female Farmer Project…”

TED: How farming could employ Africa’s young workforce — and help build peace | Kola Masha

Africa’s youth is coming of age rapidly, but job growth on the continent isn’t keeping up. The result: financial insecurity and, in some cases, a turn towards insurgent groups. In a passionate talk, agricultural entrepreneur Kola Masha details his plan to bring leadership and investment to small farmers in Africa — and employ a rising generation. Check out more TED Talks: The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world’s leading […]