Commercial Kitchen

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Commercial Kitchen

Join our dynamic, vibrant network of inspiring organizations and make our kitchen your own.

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CLiCK's spacious, spotless, sanitary facilities give our members and their customers peace of mind about health and safety. Our kitchens are professionally designed, fully equipped, and commercially licensed, perfect for food entrepreneurs ready to level up their businesses without taking on the risk of building their own facility.

The walk-in freezer and refrigerator storage areas are just steps away from the kitchens, reducing spoilage and waste. The kitchen areas are locked securely, accessible only to members, and sanitized by members after each use, reducing the chances of contamination and illness.

The large prep area and additional locked storage closets allow our members to scale up their production and increase their profit margins. Not to mention, our kitchens come with a great community with an incredible wealth of shared knowledge. Give your business its best possible chance of success!

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Main food processing kitchen

This kitchen is 400 sq ft and perfect for catering; jam, sauce, and jelly making; and medium scale food production; and is equipped with a 12-burner gas range, three-bay sink, 40-gallon steam jacket kettle, 16-gallon tilt skillet, three 6-ft prep tables, small deep fryer, pots, pans, small wares, 12-ft hood with Ansul system, and produce washing sink.

Bakery kitchen

This kitchen is 256 sq ft and great for bakers or anyone in need of convection ovens and mixers. The bakery kitchen is equipped with one 20 qt mixer, 3 table top mixers, 2 induction burners, 1 double stack convection oven, small 3 bay sink, two 6 ft stainless steel tables, double door reach in refrigerator. CLiCK also has 4 rolling racks and over 50 sheet pans for your baking or roasting needs.

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What You'll Need to Get Up and Running:

1. Insurance (with CLiCK named as an additional insured)

2. ServSafe or QFO Manager certification (we offer classes - call us for a schedule)

3. EIN (business tax identification number)

4. License (we'll help you determine which license(s) you will need)