Support CLiCK!

Your gift of $25 will help cover the cost of an hour of kitchen time;
Your gift of $100 will help cover the cost of four hours for a budding entrepreneur;
Your gift of $400 will help a business cover the membership cost for a year;
Your gift of $800 will help cover the annual insurance cost for a member;

To make a tax-deductible donation through PayPal, click the button below. Any amount that fits within your budget, greater or less than those listed here, will be deeply appreciated and will go to supporting our mission of working cooperatively.

Send checks to:
PO Box 788
Willimantic, CT 06226

For donors over the age of 70 ½ consider making a qualified charitable donation to CLiCK. A qualified charitable donation (QCD) is a direct transfer of funds from your IRA account, made payable to a qualified charity. QCDs can be counted toward satisfying your required minimum distributions (RMDs) as long as certain rules are met. When making a (QCD ) the funds go directly to a charity which allowed your RMDs not to be counted as taxable income to you. Consult your financial professional on how to make a QCD to CLiCK and to see if making how making a qualified charitable donation is beneficial to you.

If you would like to make a charitable gift to CLiCK in the form of a stock transfer, please provide the following information to your financial professional:

Licensed Co-Operative Kitchen (CLiCK ) (tax ID# 45-93872)

· Clearing Firm: National Financial Services
· DTC Number: 0226
· Account Name: CLiCK Inc
· Registration: Corporation/ Non-profit 501(c)3
· Account Number: KE2-007568
· Financial Advisors: Kevin M. Spada/ Dean L. Spada/ Janice F. Dabate / Kingston Wealth Management Group,LLC
· Telephone Number: (860) 432-9043
· Reference: Donor Name (Including your name will ensure the gift is properly acknowledged.)

*If making a Qualified Charitable Donation please consult your Financial Professional
on their firms polices and guidelines in order to do so.