Scheduling & Billing

Scheduling & Billing


We have transitioned our booking, document management, invoicing, and payment system to The Food Corridor. This platform has big benefits for you:

  • Easy kitchen scheduling and a one-stop-shop account monitoring from your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Easy payments, tracking, and reporting of all your kitchen related expenses
  • Expiration date tracking for your business license, food handler card, and insurance
  • Partner discounts on insurance, printing food labels, and more

Members now have their own account with The Food Corridor.
Log-in at:
Username: your email address
Password: (Contact CLiCK for your temporary password, and you will be able to change this to your own in your Account Settings)

Here is a help article to get you started, or watch their quick video below on how to book time.


Kitchen Billing

You do not have to submit payment! You will be billed automatically. All billing charges will show up on your credit card or bank statement as a charge from Stripe, CLiCK, or The Food Corridor.

Monthly Plan and Monthly Charges

Any recurring monthly charges will appear as an invoice on your Billing tab for your review on the 3rd of the month. You will also receive a notification. You will be charged for monthly invoices automatically on the 5th of the month.

Hourly Plan

If you are on an hourly plan, or “pay as you go,” you will be charged for your kitchen time on the day that your booking takes place.

Other Fees and Cancellations

Any one-time fees and cancellation charges are automatically billed within 24 hours.

Please be patient with us as we move forward with our launch and the new platform. You can contact The Food Corridor Gnomes anytime directly at or access their online Help Center.