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CLICK's Mystery and Magic of Latinx Foods Mural Project

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Celebrate the ‘mystery and magic of Latinx Foods’ and the diverse Latinx cultures in both our community and in the world!

The Mystery and Magic of Latinx Foods

For every $50 donation made  donor will receive a mural t-shirt as a gift!
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Please send a message by clicking contact below with your address if you would like to receive a gift! 

CLiCK is excited to announce our new mural project with Nicaraguan Artist Alejandro De La Guerra, who is currently at UCONN as part of UCONN’s participation in the Artist’s Protection Fund.   Alejandro’s design, which will be showcased on the front of CLiCK’s building at 41 Club Road in Windham, speaks to CLiCK’s mission of ‘grow, cook, share’, in that every aspect of his design speaks to these activities while celebrating the ‘mystery and magic of Latinx Foods’ and the diverse Latinx cultures in both our community and in the world.

We are honored to have an original design by this highly accomplished international artist and we invite you to ‘own’ a piece of this playful mural by supporting our fundraiser that includes being able to acquire limited edition 100% cotton T-Shirts based on the three main designs from Alejandro’s ‘Pop-Art and Primitivist’  mural (see details and images of shirt below), as well as other food and health related items.

Some funds have already been generously given by UCONN and ECSU and so now we are looking to you the community to help continue to make this mural ‘for the community by the community’!

Artist’s Statement Alejandro De La Guerra www.alejandrodelaguerra.com

This mural is part of the Art exhibition The Future is Latinx that was curated by Yulia Tikhonova at ECSU, Fall 2020 (https://www.easternct.edu/art-gallery/past-exhibitions/the-future-is-latinx.html) .

The mural design is a tribute within another tribute: on the one hand, it is a tribute to UCONN’s puppetry program which is a very important part of Connecticut’s art community . For that reason, the principal ‘actors’ of the mural are hands (which also links with CLiCk’s other mural on Native American food practices) and puppets that are on a stage to “tell us a story” about Latin American food.

It is a playful design made for the community by the community, with the aesthetic of Pop Art and primitivism, where from right to left you can see two hands holding a knife and a fork playing with a puppet marionette, which represents the creativity of the kitchen. However, this first scene also represents cutting off/ending farm exploitation, that includes ending the racism towards Latino immigrant farmworkers.  (T-Shirt #1)

In this imaginary garden, we can also appreciate some corn plants and a pumpkin flower, which represents some of the fundamental foods of Latin American ancestors, as well as that their food has transcended borders, while also linking with the indigenous foods of North American as in maize.

In the next scene, we can see a hand that manipulates a hand puppet - it is a frog chef that symbolizes Willimantic and the story of the frogs , as well as the cooks at CLiCKThis frog has just cut an ear of corn and is taking it to the kitchen table to prepare it. (T-Shirt #2)

In the next scene, we can see a "table" - that is the roof of the main entrance of the building of Click - through which the design of the mural integrates the elements of the architecture of the building in a creative way. On the table, we can see such elements as a hand mill - an ancestor instrument utilized in the modern kitchen. We can also see an avocado and two hands with a knife cutting a corn cob just brought from the garden by the frog chef.

In the last part of the mural, we can see some elements cut by the hands on the table falling on a pre-Hispanic pot that was used by the Mayans for their food and culinary rituals. We can appreciate another detail in this scene: that is a piece of popcorn that jumps from the fire of the pot. This symbolizes the evolution and the mixture of cultures, as it is the case of corn being transformed into popcorn by the North American culture.   It also symbolizes the process of cooking and creating new elements with traditional foods. The smoke, which contains carbon,comes out of the pot and  becomes the sky so it can go back to the farm and feed the plants, in a cyclical manner. (T-Shirt #3)